Our Services

We provide on-site and off-site services to our valued clients. Our services include:

Human Resource Infrastructure

We help companies build their HR infrastructure.

  • Develop HR policies
  • Develop HR workflows
  • Develop Employee Handbook
  • Develop Job Description Database
  • Review and implement HR Information System

Compensation & Benefits (C&B)

We can help your company build a market-aligned C&B structure that is competitive and complies with the local laws.

  • Develop C&B policies and systems that serve as guiding documents to your management team and employees.
  • Create a Job Level structure that places your company’s jobs in the respective levels.
  • Design a salary structure that is linked to the industry, and enables you & your managers to pay employees appropriately.
  • Design a bonus/incentive plan that encourages pay-for-performance culture.
  • Design a benefits plan that maximizes your budget dollars, yet meets your employee needs.
  • Design a recognition program that allows you & your managers to recognize extraordinary performance through monetary/non-monetary methods.
  • Conduct benchmarking and alignment of employee salaries
  • Develop a job description database for all existing and/or new jobs.
  • Conduct job analysis and job evaluation.
  • Conduct employee communication on new program implementation.
  • Provide consulting/education to Human Resources & business managers.

Performance Management

We can design a performance management system that enables:

  • Manager and employee to set and agree on employee’s goals at the beginning of the performance year, and discuss employee’s performance at the end of the performance year;
  • Manager to review and rate the employee’s performance, and recommend compensation reward, in terms of salary adjustment and bonus allocation, based on the employee’s contribution to the business.


Your company may outsource non-core services to us, while maximizing internal resources to focus on core services.  Alternatively, you may engage our services to complement your internal resources.  Whether your company requires us for a start-up or an on-going outsourcing service, we are more than happy to discuss the best model that suits your business.


Relocation & Localization

Our consultants can help your company design the most appropriate and attractive relocation/localization packages for your employees/candidates.